Leadership Team Biographies

Quinten Clarke is the Founder and President of the Canadian Esophageal Atresia Network. He was born with an esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula and currently works in the public health sector. Quinten has previously volunteered with many non-profit organizations including the Canadian Cancer Society, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Alberta Easter Seals and Variety: The Children’s Charity. In his spare time Quinten enjoys skiing, archery and curling up with a good book. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. You may contact him via the CEAN email: canadianeanetwork@gmail.com


Tabinda (Tabi) Jatoi is the Director of the Canadian Esophageal Atresia Network’s Ontario Chapter. She is the first born child of a conservative feudal culture of a developing country. Her parents broke all the cultural taboos and raised her to face the world and speak up for her rights. This enlightened her passion to be a “Change Manager”! She chose to be a healthcare provider, strongly addressing the needs of basic health care facilities and services for families of low socio-economic status. She describes herself as a woman who is passionate to empower families through knowledge and education about healthy, positive and happy lifestyles. She is dedicated to bringing awareness about health seeking behaviours and making healthy choices. For more than two decades she has been active as a philanthropist, health care provider, woman’s rights advocate, motivational speaker & Mompreneur. She said, “I was shocked at my own friend’s comments about my son’s colostomy bag & his feeding issues.” She decided to raise awareness about VACTERL/ TEF- a congenital condition! Her son was born with this medical issue. She felt it is her responsibility to give back to community & bring awareness to the general public. She feels that this will enable these families and individuals to play positive role in the community. These strong individuals and families need to be understood and embraced with love. She is active on social media. You may contact her via her email: tsjatoi@gmail.com

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