Back To School with EA/TEF

September is a stressful time for both parents and children with many parents going back to work and children heading into a new school year. Part of this anxiety for children can result from the many new, unfamiliar people that they will meet during their first weeks of school. For parents, however, it is difficult to know to make the school a safe, comfortable environment for their child especially if that child has a chronic condition such as Esophageal Atresia or Trachea-esophageal Fistula. Below is the link to a useful guide from the American Academy of Pediatrics that explains many of the important steps parents should take to ensure that both they and their child are at ease when returning to school.

One thought on “Back To School with EA/TEF

  1. I am an EA/TEF mom and every year, I get nervous when it comes time to “explain” my daughter.
    So, I decided to write a children’s book called “An EA/TEF Story Inside And Out.”
    It designed to be an interactive conversation starter, as I invited the reader to, just like the character, host their own Sharing Time at school to raise awareness and money (all proceeds go to charity)
    Go to for more info.

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